Community Practice Guidelines

Below is a sample of how to structure a Qigong practice session. If you have other ideas for class outlines we would love to hear them and share them with others.

Qualities of an Effective Practice Leader

  • Is a good listener including being sensitive to body language and other subtle messages.

  • Believes fully in human potential focusing on empowerment and solutions rather than problems or pathology.

  • Does not feel the need to be the 'expert,' teacher or healer.

  • Is well-organized so people feel comfortable with the class process.

  • Has a sense of humor and uses it.

  • Willing to make mistakes and willing to learn and adjust.

  • Is grounded, present, able to focus and concentrate and knows how to 'center' themselves.

  • Sets the tone to create safety, beauty, and a positive and healing environment.

  • Communicates clearly and to the point.

  • Models the qigong state of quiet mind, body and breath.

These traits can be utilized, learned or developed by anyone who wants to become an effectice practice leader.

Before the Practice Session

Environment plays an important role for enhancing health, safety, well-being and peace of mind. Participants are responsive to the colors, sounds, lighting and organization in the classroom.

  • Try to have the classroom orderly and clean (not cluttered with equipment or other distracting items).

  • Try to have natural lighting if posible, or practice near nature.

  • As people arrive and settle in, play relaxing music if possible for it immediately calms nerves and sets a peaceful tone.

  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable for participants.

  • Remove phone noises or any other possible distractions.

  • You may want to have a watch or clock nearby so you easily see the time from your teaching position.

  • Where will you be positioned as a teacher? Minimize the distance between yourself and the students and consider traffic flow into and from the room.

  • Center yourself before class by breathing, opening the heart, and belief in yourself.

  • Connect with the students as they come into the class, keeping talk low to set a quiet tone. This will also allow you to orient new students.

During the Practice Session

  • Beginning and ending on time is important to maintain the integrity of the class and respect the time of the participants. This honors the student and demonstrates that you can be trusted to do what you say you will do.

  • Welcoming remarks will set the tone of the class. Introduce yourself (students may have forgotten your name), welcome students to class knowing that without them there wouldn't be a class! Remind people to turn cell phones off. If applicable tell students the theme of the class or announce any upcoming holidays, new sessions, etc.

  • If there are new students briefly tell students what they're going to be doing in class so they feel safe. Ask the students to take a moment of silence to create their own special space and set their intent for what they want to get out of class.

  • Encourage students to rest at any time, knowing they can sit or lie down at any time it is needed. Give permission for people to be themselves.

  • Be aware of what the students are doing so you will be aware if a student is uncomfortable, confused or needs help.

  • Don't rush from one qigong practice to the next. Give time for students to practice mindfulness, going into and coming out of the exercises slowing and with intention.

Ending the Practice Session

  • Usually class ends with a relaxation.

  • Closing remarks such as "thank you for coming," or holding hands in a circle might also be apppropriate ways to end class.

  • Stay for a few minutes after class to answer questions.





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